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"They've done it again! Perfection at Gayla Wigs! I want to thank Luz, the cosmetologist, for getting me the perfect hair topper. I had always thought I wasn't a wig person. With thinning hair over the past several years, I had purchased two wigs from GW. Totally awesome! I wanted something for the summer so here is where the topper comes in. Luz was great! She cut and styled it for me. If I want it shorter, I can make an appt. and Luz will trim it as a part of their service. You will be very comfortable there knowing that this IS the wig/topper shop!"
Lina Ward
"What a delightful surprise! Took a chance stopping by Gayla Wigs while in the area and boy what a delight! Even though I didn't have an appointment, Gayle worked me in on a very busy morning. The first wig she tried on me was the perfect color and perfect style. And I was treated like family and told how beautiful I was. I'm so grateful."
Debra Green
Just purchased my second wig from Gayla’s. And Luz has helped me both times. She goes out of her way to make sure you get what you want. And that it looks good an you are happy when you leave there. If you are looking to purchase a wig I highly recommend Gayla’s. ❤️❤️❤️
Redia Butcher
I scheduled an appointment and they were able to accommodate. I went the weekend before I started my chemo, which was kind of procrastination from my part. However, Lina was very helpful and took care of everything. She quickly found a real hair wig close to my hair color and length. I also was able to get my buzz cut and a few turbans. I got everything I needed from that appointment. Thank you Lina for all of your help and the great customer service. I feel confident in my choice of wig and am ready to beat this cancer!
Vanessa Negrete
I am currently undergoing chemotherapy, and while I was not supposed to lose my hair, it has thinned dramatically. I saw the reviews on Facebook for Gayla Wigs, and stopped in to ask some questions. Lina was amazing and very patient, and found two wigs similar to my current style. The process was very easy, and Lina helped me feel much more confident about the whole process, as well as providing me with more confidence to go out in public with my cute wigs. I highly recommend Gayla Wigs!
Kathleen Hendricks
Wow I was so amazed by their human hair selection ! Lina helped me choose the perfect hair color and style. We customized it to look like me . She was very helpful and inform me about my insurance coverage. If you’re going through chemo ladies you can qualify for a reimbursement from your insurance ... it’s great info to put out there to all the woman going through this journey as I am. I wish you all the best . Please check them out, this ladies are so sweet and knowledgeable.
Valeria S
Best help ever with Luz Guerrero. My daughter had a massive brain aneurysm and many surgeries over the past five years. Luz has valuable information concerning Wigs. We walked out of the shop feeling good about our purchase. I highly recommend Luz!
Karon Brown