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We get many great comments - These are just a few of our Gayla Wigs Testimonials-

2/3/16" I am so blessed by these ladies that listened, encouraged and showed compassion. Losing hair is so emotional but having these ladies who are truly understanding and experts in the field make the process much easier. Their wigs are beautiful just like them." Blessings, -Z.C.

1/22/15If the following testimonial doesn't inspire you...we don't know what will. It's WORTH the read. This gentlemen's wife has recently passed away from cancer. He brought us her hairpieces, scarves and headwear for us to donate.

Gayle & Staff
I wanted to let you know how deeply I appreciate the service you provided to my wife Nancy.
After her cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy, she had lost so much of herself. Then she began to lose her hair. On a Saturday morning she had her regular stylist shave her head and then we went in search of hair pieces. We made one stop at shop in the Conroe area where we were so lost and overwhelmed. I watched Nancy’s spirit slip a little further away. We got back in the car and drove straight to your shop.

You personally assisted Nancy in choosing a hair piece pointing out the options and possibilities. Once she made a selection, you promised her if we could come back in an hour or two you would have her hair piece ready. Upon our return you showed her how to wear the new hair piece, how to take care of it and shared your own personal story. When she looked in the mirror wearing her new hair piece I saw a glimmer return to her eyes. When we attended a family function later that day everyone thought Nancy had gone to her usual stylist and had her own hair done. No one knew it was not her hair until Nancy told them about her experience of that Saturday. The glimmer in her eyes had become a sparkle and she also had her pretty smile back.

When so many things were going against her, you and your staff were there for her. Nancy needed to get a huge part of her back. You provided the boost that turned the day around. As her husband, I was amazed and thankful to watch as you changed her world that day. You are working miracles in your shop. God bless you for what you did for Nancy. That Saturday I will always carry in my heart. -Sincerely,  Mark Fraser

1/21/15 - WE HELP MEN TOO! See his testimonial below:

I just want to say to any of the men out there for whom, like me for the last 25 years ball caps have become a fashion statement, run, do not walk to see Gayle and her staff at Gayla Wigs!

I am 52, and like many men my age, began losing my hair at a young age.  The hair loss made me look much older than I am, so much so that most people assumed that I was my seven-year-old daughter’s grandfather.  While working on one of my near-by construction projects, I stopped in Gayle’s shop on a whim.  I took off my cap, and explained to Gayle what I wanted to do.  Without batting an eye, she and her staff immediately took up the challenge. 

After showing me some different topper styles from a catalog, they ordered my piece to match my natural hair.  When it arrived, Hannah worked her magic.  She placed it, cut it, and styled it, and when I saw the final product in the mirror, I was overcome.  I now had a new full head of hair that looked so real and natural that even people who had known me for years, complimented me on my new “haircut”!  No one had ever seen me without a ball cap, and just assumed that it had always been there under the cap!  Gayla Wigs has changed my life.  I am now more confident, have a pep in my step, and my ball caps are all gathering dust in the closet (although I do still wear my Texans cap on game day, but now it’s by choice!-lol).

I want to take the opportunity here to thank Gayle and her staff.  They are very professional, very competent and knowledgeable.  I would not recommend going anywhere else.  I look and feel years younger, and it is all due to them!  Men, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have your hair back, let me tell you, it is awesome!  Stop in and check it out.  I will be happy to show you mine (they have my number).  You will not regret it! - Jay Smith 

1/16/16 - Gayla Wigs is THE only store you should go to!! They not only have the most beautiful wigs but a great selection as well. I have bought three wigs from them so far! The staff are warm and friendly and make you feel special. All of the stylists have worked on my wigs at one point or another and they cut and/or styled them perfectly! I love the hair care product lines they carry as well. I just can't say enough how much I love this place!!! ❤  - Allie Johnson

1/11/16I met Gayle 10 years ago when she was leasing one room in a medical supply store, selling her wigs and working her magic. My beautiful thick hair was thinning as a result of having Crohn's. I had to have surgery to remove part of my intestines which had a perforation. My white blood cell count was extremely high and was not only attacking the infection, but my hair follicles as well. This as well as piggyback antibiotics caused my hair to thin out. Gayle gave me back my self esteem, self confidence, and new lease on life that day, for which I will be forever grateful! There have been a lot of changes over the years; a beautiful new location, bigger and better selection of wigs and hair pieces, products to keep them looking great, and a wonderful staff that have been trained to help her clients in any way they can. Every year when I go to see her she is always excited to show me the latest and greatest new wig, hair piece, or product that has arrived. Women in the Houston area are very lucky to have Gayla Wigs! -Ginger Morris Tickle

1/8/16I went to Gayla Wigs for unknown hair loss and my experience there was amazing! Gayle (the owner) is truly an "Angel from God". She is so kind, patient, loving and so talented in helping to get you the right wig. In her heart she cares so much! I WILL NOT ever go anywhere else. She blessed me in so many different ways. Her staff is also amazing. One visit and you are blessed! -C. Reed

11/3/15  - I cannot thank Gayle and her staff enough for the treatment I received yesterday when purchasing my wigs. I made an appointment yesterday, was seen two hours later, and couldn't feel more confident with my appearance. Thank you all for making my ovarian cancer journey a little less stressful. -Misty Worrell

10/29/15  - Thank you for making us all so beautiful! At MD Anderson, Women have actually stopped and asked me if my hair was mine, and if not where did I get it. LOL It seems a little odd, but BECAUSE OF YOU, I am able to help other women feel good about themselves I thank God for how He has gifted you.❤ - Donna Virgilio

10/24/15What a wonderful difference Gayla Wigs has made in my life! I had suffered for years with thinning hair, so when I finally decided I needed help, I was fortunate indeed to find Gayla. Although I was a walk-in, I received excellent service on that first day. The lady who worked with me treated me like I was her greatest priority! It didn't take long to find the right style and color match for me. A week later I had my wig. The after care was superb. The wig was personalized to me and I was taught how to work with it. I have received nothing but compliments. (No one can tell it's a wig!) A year and a half later I have a 'wardrobe '. I have always received personal and expert service. My husband calls me his 'hot new babe'! Best of all, I have a great new confidence in myself and how I look. It is obvious Gayle has a special calling to this work. It is evident in all that she does. I can't say enough about her and her staff! Triple A plus!! -Becky Cortese

10/22/15  - Dear Gayle and staff.  Three and a half years ago, my husband of almost 45 years, died very unexpectedly.  The shock still reverberates most days.  In addition, I will be 75 years of age in November.  That said, the thinning of my hair over the past 2 to 3 years has been a real downer.  So in an attempt to do something to feel better about myself, I decided to drop by your shop.   I would have never dreamed I would have received such a reception and uplift from this experience.  In 2 short hours you, Gayle, and your staff accomplished more with the beautiful topper than anything else I have tried.   I can't thank you enough for the attention and results shown to me today.  I left feeling 10 years (at least) younger and a completely new bounce in my step.  I immediately went to meet a hair stylist friend of mine for lunch that I hadn't seen for 6 months or so.  She said, OMG, you look fantastic!  I've never seen you hair look this good....uh sorry but I haven't."  She had no idea it wasn't my hair.  Thanks again ladies.   -Jocelyn Fedak

10/19/15 -Thank you Gayla Wigs for helping me deal with permanent hair loss!! This is one of the several wigs that Gayle has cut, styled and hand sewed to fit me perfectly. She is one very special lady and she and her staff take genuine interest in each person who comes to Gayla Wigs.  Be it a wig, hairpiece, scarf, cap, etc. that you are in need of, you will not only find quality products but Gayle and her staff will care for you with heartfelt respect and concern. That has meant so much to me as I've faced the various obstacles of hair loss!  I thank God for Gayle and her staff. - Judy

9/5/15 On May 7th I was given the diagnosis of Stag 2 Breast Cancer, one month before my wedding!  My doctors gave me my treatment plan on May 21st that I would start my first chemo treatment the next week on the 29th. This being 2 weeks before the wedding they told me I needed to prepare for hair loss.  Not knowing what to do, as I have never had to wear a wig, I started searching the intranet and found Gayla Wigs very close to my house. I called Saturday morning the 23rd before they were open and left a message.  When Melody called me back, I explained to  her my situation and needing to find the perfect wig for my wedding and she told me to come in right away.  When I got there I was greeted by Melody with a hug and the assurance that they were here to help me.  Hannah helped me try on several wigs and then we found the one.  She took her time with me trying to find just the right color and it turned out perfect!!! I got it in the week before the wedding and Hannah cut he bangs and showed me how I can style it for my wedding day!!
I ended up losing my hair the Friday before my wedding and was so thankful that I had my backup plan!!
Thank you so much to everyone at Gayla Wigs for making me feel welcome and important every time I come in!!  - Amy P.

8/23/15 - Hello Gayle & Staff,
Thanks you so much for the topper, it has changed my life. My friends keep saying, "Oh, your hair looks so nice"..and "You look so pretty tonight, what have you done?". It's all because of the hairpiece you designed for me. They have NO idea it's not my hair, they just know something looks good...:)  
My natural hair is growing back in, too. Probably a combo of the Revita Hair products and the Amla fruit I'm taking.  -Jean S

8/19/15  - Dear Gayle and wonderful staff members. My husband and I decided to be an advocate for a dear sweet lady that has been very ill for several months. We needed to find a nice wig that looked real. None of that fake stuff for my friend. We first looked for a wig at a salon in my area but they did not have what we were looking for. The salon recommended Gayla Wigs. Off we went to Gayla Wigs to find a beautiful wig for a very ill and sweet lady. The moment we walked into the wig shop I knew I was in the right place. Beautiful wigs everywhere!! We felt at ease and welcomed right away. Many kind faces and smiles from the staff offering to help. I didn’t have measurements for the wig and my friend was recently transferred from a hospital to a nursing home very far away. Impossible to get her from the nursing home and I promised my friend a wig, that day.

Gayle asked if we had a picture and luckily I did. From the picture Gayle helped me with styles that would look good with that particular face shape and a size that would be best for our friend. It was so easy, and fun. Gayle asked many questions about our friend so she could find exactly what we needed. In the middle of her busy day she took time to ask important questions and really listen.

I don’t think my husband and I have ever had such a pleasant experience shopping. What was very obvious to us is that Gayle’s heart is full of compassion and empathy for all who enter her store. Such a good, warm, welcoming feeling came from the staff and everyone that helped us. They made sure we found something that would really help our friend, and it certainly did just that.

Today I spoke with my friend on the phone, she has had both legs up to the knee and all fingers amputated with very little hair left from her autoimmune disorder.  Today, she was laughing and talking with me about wearing the wig and the pictures she was taking for her family that lives far away and a young son that is unable to visit due to the distance. I could hear her joy and happiness in those words. A big step forward for this sweet lady that has gone through so much, made possible, by Gayle Bucher and the ladies at Gayla Wigs. She asked that I let you all know how thankful she is and how much she loves the wig. 

Thank you Gayle and the staff at Gayla Wigs. You are an amazing blessing to this community. We are forever grateful for your help that day.  -Dyvette Warren

8/14/15 -  Hi my name is Michelle Roig. and I came into your shop looking for a hair piece for my mom. Melanie helped me. She ordered several pieces and I was able to match one for my mom. Let me tell you, she looked amazing. She was so beautiful and it made her feel beautiful. Thank you for your help in making this special day a hit. We took a great photo of our 90 year old beauty. It brought me such joy for her to feel beautiful on this special day. Thank you so much.

8/10/2015 - I’m writing to give my highest possible recommendation for Gayle Bucher and Gayla Wigs on Robinson Road in the Woodlands.  I’m incredibly impressed with this business, the staff, and Gayle Bucher in particular.

Earlier this year I discovered I have breast cancer and would have to endure a double mastectomy and six months of chemotherapy.  Words truly can’t express how difficult and heartbreaking this ordeal has been.  Add to that the trauma of losing my hair and it has been devastating.  I’m a former news anchor/reporter for KPRC-TV Channel 2 in Houston.  Like any woman, my appearance is important to me, and for my job in sales and as a still somewhat-public figure who works with charitable organizations and speaks in front of large groups, losing my hair was traumatic.

Fortunately, a friend recommended Gayla Wigs.  I met Gayle and was immediately impressed with her competence and compassion.  She had gone to the trouble to look at my Facebook page to find photos of me so she could find the perfect wig so I could still “look like me.”  The wig is gorgeous and I’ve received more compliments on my wig (people think it’s my real hair!) than I ever did about my real hair!  Gayle and her staff are friendly, compassionate and kind.  Their service is outstanding.  Not only did they find me a beautiful wig, they cut and altered it to fit and made sure I was completely comfortable with the entire process.  What’s more, the store is beautiful; the fittings are in private rooms; the quality and selection of wigs, hairpieces, caps and hats is high-end and extensive; and their prices are very reasonable – especially given any needed alterations are included in the cost of the wig.

I’ve subsequently bought two more wigs from Gayla Wigs and I’ve recommended Gayle and her wonderful shop to several friends.  It’s truly rare to find a store, owner and staff who care this deeply about their clients – many of whom are enduring the most traumatic experience of their lives.  I would never consider going anywhere else.  -Yours sincerely,  Suzanne Boase

7/31/15"I was diagnosed with lung cancer in Feb. 2015, after 35 radiation treatments and 8 Chemo's later, I lost all of my hair. The first fitting was with all my hair before I lost it. Gayle said she does two fittings because when you lose all your hair your wig will fit loosely. Gayle has many wigs to choose from. Each and every person that comes through that door is treated special. Their knowledge of hair , alopecia, cancer patients is just unbelievable. I've been to several other wig shops and she is by far the best. I ended up buying three different wigs. I don't know which one to wear first. Every day it takes me a while to pick one out. Ha ha"

7/31/15 - Another great testimonial...Thank you so much Linda! You looked so beautiful today! "This is the most wonderful place. Such caring and gentle people. Gayle truly cares about her customers and goes above and beyond to help. I have "male pattern" baldness and have suffered such emotional pain as a result. After discovering Gayla Wigs, my life has completely changed. I can't begin to express how much better I feel about myself and my husband loves it! He says I look 10 years younger. Very high quality products, amazing service. I just can't say enough good about this place and about Gayle and Gayla Wigs!"

7/23/15 - Bought a new wig at Gayla Wigs today. I was so pleased with the personal attention and customization of the wig for no additional charge. I will definitely go back when I need another wig. This was the most personal attention I've gotten from a wig store. I will definitely recommend it to my friends!

7/19/15 - Gayle and her awesome team of ladies don't just sell wigs. They GIVE encouragement, hope, education, spiritual wisdom, and much more. Thank you for caring for my sister, Glenda, and providing superb service. Bonnie G.A.

7/15/15 - Words cannot describe the fabulous experience and service I received today from Gayle and her staff. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June and currently in chemotherapy. My hair was falling out by the handfuls. This was very difficult for me to digest and I was really having a hard time with it. I truly believe that God ordained me and my family to visit this salon. We felt a warm welcome when we walked through the door. We were educated about wigs, given history of the salon, met staff (who had also been long time clients). Earlier this week, I felt I lost a lot of self-confidence, today, I have been renewed! GAYLE, you are amazing, an Angel on Earth, sent here just for me! You helped me gain strength and courage when I needed it most. I came in not ready to cut my hair off, but I got some type of courage to take the dreaded step and I truly believe you, your staff, my wonderful family and last but not least, God, have me the push that I needed. I'm ready to face this journey head on! -Glenda G.C.

7/15/15 - Thank you Gayla Wigs for the wonderful care you provided today! You made the experience both educational and loving for my family. #teamgoodwitch -Angela W.

6/12/15 - Good morning, Ladies. I just wanted to take a few minutes and tell you how much I appreciate your helping my mom this past weekend. When my mom found out she needed chemo, one of her main concerns was if she was going to lose her hair. Unfortunately, that concern was confirmed by the doctor's office. When mom decided she wanted a wig, she remembered some bad experiences she had when she went shopping for one before. Granted at that time it was just for fun and she wasn't in any rush, but the people at the store were not exactly professional and lets just say the wigs weren't either.... When we got up that morning before coming to your shop, she kept telling me and my dad "I don't want to do this." At one point she was at the brink of tears... When we pulled up outside Gayla Wigs and went inside, we were warmly greeted by a young lady and were quite impressed with your selection of beautiful wigs. We then met Gayle who brought us into a room for mom to be measured/sized for a wig, something the other places never bothered to do. As Gayle took moms measurements, she explained about the different kinds of wigs, how they could be cut and styled any way she wanted and basically just made mom feel so at ease with the whole process. My mom is so tickled over her wigs and your shop. As a daughter that loves her parents, it makes me happy to see my parents happy. I am so thankful for the way you took such good care of my mom and you were so kind to her that to say "Thank You" just doesn't seem to cover it... but thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, -Kristina Moore

6/5/15 - When I made the appointment to visit Gayla Wigs, I was more than apprehensive, just because I had no idea what to expect. I don't know anyone who wears a wig or even a hairpiece. At least, no one who will admit to it! For three years, I've watched the hair on my head become thinner and thinner, and for three years I've become more and more self-conscience about it. When I look in the mirror I see someone who looks much older than she feels. My hair began its thinning process sometime around my 40th birthday. Almost five years ago, my husband commented while we were standing together in a checkout line (with bright department store lights overhead) that he could see my scalp. That was a day I will never forget. His words could not have been clearer if he had used the store's PA system to announce it.So, for quite some time I've been thinking about how to get my "groove" back without being a "fake". I now realize that there is nothing pretentious or fake about the step I took to visit your store yesterday. As a matter of fact, I called my cousin, who also has thinning hair, to tell her about you, your store, and your caring manners and she wants to make an appointment, too.Until yesterday, I had no idea how life-like wigs and hairpieces could look and feel. I had no idea about Top Secret products. Thank you so much for introducing me to this option!! I can't wait to come back to your salon and try on my piece. After only one visit to your salon, I wholeheartedly feel that my phone call to you was a positive step for me. My heart is lighter because of it.Thank you! Thank you! See you next week. : ) -M.White

5/20/15 - As a client of Gayla Wigs, I recently purchased a beautiful wig! My hair is thinning on top just like many women. I decided to try a wig much different from my own style and I couldn’t be happier! My experience was just wonderful. Time was taken to make sure the fit and style were exactly what I wanted. THANK YOU GAYLE FOR EVERYTHING! -Susan

5/11/15 - I am so ecstatic about my new hairpiece, "Harriet". Lol! I'm generally a very outgoing person. However, I did have an Achilles heel, and that was my hair. (Or lack thereof ) I have been losing my hair since age 25 due to what I believe was a hormonal imbalance. Finally, at age 42, I've decided I'm worth it. I did the research, and with the help of my hairstylist, I took the plunge. Best. Decision. EVER! Now, I feel invincible! I have been shouting your praises from the rooftops! I have shared my story on facebook and with anyone who would listen. I have had numerous people ask me about my experience. I thought getting hair was empowering, but helping others like me is the greatest feeling of all. If my story can help just one person, it is worth sharing. Thank you for doing what you do! You have a faithful (and happy) customer for life! (Feel free to share any and all of my message) Sincerely, -LaDora Baisch (And Harriet)

1/7/15 - (emailed to us) "My mother has been a client of Gayle's at Gayla Wigs for many years. Gayle and her staff are so caring and attentive to the needs of their clients. I have gone with my mother several times and I am always impressed by the level of personal care. Gayle and her staff truly make a difference in the lives of the ladies they help. The clients are pleased with the outcome and you can see the self confidence restored for these ladies. Thank you Gayle for your huge heart and passion to help women regain their self-confidence. May God continue to bless you and continue to use you to bless the lives of each of your clients. Thank you for your dedication and hard work!" -Jeannie

12/5/14 - Becky Guillot Cortese posted a message on Gayle's personal Facebook page and said the following - " So appreciate how you have transformed my life!! It really does make that much of a difference. Kudos to you and your staff. Lisa did a wonderful job on my latest hairdo and will be ordering a back up soon. Thanks for your very special work!" - We love helping women here at Gayla wigs! Thanks, -Becky!

From Our Facebook Page on February 6, 2014 Kimm Mast Dwyer At one of my favorite places! Thank you, Gayla Wigs for just being amazing — at Gayla Wigs. Sheila Blue: Gayla Wigs and every person there is phenomenal! Thank you Gayle Stan Bucher for such a beautiful company.

11/16/14 - Thank you so very much to Gayle and her wonderful staff. The salon is beautiful and the rooms are private which made it so much easier for me to have my hair shaved off when it was time. The staff are so kind and compassionate and thoughtful. They immediately put me at ease and made a difficult experience completely bearable. There expertise and advice on how to care for my scalp and my beautiful new wig is so very helpful. I left that day feeling happy and confident to face the world. Gayla Wigs offer a fantastic service and their kindness and expertise has helped me more than I could have possibly imagined. Thank you! -Gillian Denny

11/16/14 - I've used many wigs but the ones from Gayla have been the best: I've received so many compliments from persons who do not know that I wear a wig including one from a professional hair stylist who thought that my hair was natural! -Nel

11/16/14 - I bought my wig 8 months ago when I lost my hair because of breast cancer chemotherapy. Everywhere I go people comment on how beautiful my hair looks. I tell them it's a Raquel Welch wig that I got from Gayla Wigs, and they can't believe it! They say it looks like my own hair and it's the best wig they've ever seen. It has helped me retain my self image when going through my treatment and I am so grateful to the ladies at Gayla Wigs and I will send them many customers. -Felicia

6/13/14 - I got my wig about a month ago and Shayna made it so pleasant and easy for me. I was losing my hair and knew I wanted to look just like "myself" so she helped me--colored it 2 times to get it just right for me, and thinned it some to look really "real"--and just generally fixed it all up for me. I have worn it every day since then and even when all my hair was gone, it was not so traumatic because I already was wearing the wig and getting used to it---I LOVE it and even my closest friends and daughter have a hard time telling that it is not my own hair. Thank you Shayna--you turned a bad experience into an easier transition that was bearable!!! I tell EVERYONE about Gayla Wigs!! -Renee Butts

5/20/14 - Dear Gayla Wigs, I want to say thank you both for taking care of me. I have been wearing the wig everyday for 3 weeks now and I really feel so much better about the way my hair looks than I have in many, many years. I have received so many compliments. Everyone thinks I had my hair straightened and highlighted and they love it. Thanks for your wonderful service and Stephanie was great ! Many, many thanks ! -Roxana

5/28/13 - I have always had fine limp hair, but five years ago I started having some serious issues with my Thyroid gland. Getting the medication dose right seemed to be difficult, and each time the doctor changed the dose, I lost more hair. I hated wearing wigs because they were so hot in the summer. Finally I got smart and purchased a human hair top piece. I had always wanted to be a blonde, so Stephanie highlighted my hair and colored my top piece to match. They worked with me half of the day doing a color test on my hair and then the remainder of the day actually coloring my hair. It matches perfectly. No one can tell I am wearing a piece. I can wear it in a pony or a twist. It looks fantastic! I have had so many compliments, and look five years younger! love it! Thank you Stephanie! P.S. The doctor wanted to know if blondes have more fun! I just laughed and said, "Only my hairdresser knows for sure!" -Windy

5/15/13 - Thank you so much for helping me feel better about my thinning hair! Stephanie was just the greatest with color and showing me how to take care of my new 'do! I love it and have received so many compliments. Thank you all for being so kind, I will definitely be back!;) -Terri

4/9/13 - I cannot say enough about the impact that WOAMTEC has had on my business as well as in my personal life. A couple of weeks ago, Gayle Stan Bucher spoke at the meeting. I hadn't heard her story or about her business, but as soon as I did, I knew it was just the place my mom had been needing. I made an appointment for the next week. The Staff at Gayla Wigs was incredible. My mom has had some medical issues these past couple years and it has been difficult to maintain her appearance like she has in the past. Since going to Gayla's my mom is enjoying going out again and feeling great about herself. As a daughter, it brings me great joy to see my mom being able to enjoy her life again. While her medical conditions may limit her, her appearance doesn't have to anymore. I don't know if you or anyone you know needs a boost like this in their life, all I know is, if they do, get them to Gayla Wigs today. Thank you Gayle for sharing your story and your business with me. -Sheila Blue

4/3/13 - There are no words to thank you for what you did last Saturday for one of my family members. You made a complex and emotionally difficult moment be positive and turned stress into a smile and made my niece walk out of your salon with a smile, confident and ready to continue with her life. Your team is smart, compassionate, professional and I know you were double booked but you still were able to fit us in. Great job. We will be thankful forever. -Denise and family

4/1/13 - Since I was going through chemotherapy, I decided to get a wig. My beautician recommended Gayla Wigs. I was very glad she did. They were very courteous and most helpful in helping me choose that "perfect" wig. Most people didn't even know I was wearing a wig. The ultimate compliment came when I went back home to Missouri for a reunion. One of my friends owns an upscale beauty salon and when she asked if I was wearing a wig (she knew I was going through chemo) I was thrilled. If she couldn't tell, I knew I had made the right choice in choosing Gayla Wigs. I would recommend them to everyone. Thanks team! -Kathy Crabtree

4/1/13 - You don't have to settle for what Mother Nature gave you. I didn’t inherit the hair gene and struggled with fine, thinning hair all of my life. Menopause set in, and I experienced more frustration. Gayla Wigs truly changed my life from “thinning to fabulous” bolstering my confidence and self-esteem. Thanks to Gayle and her professional staff, I now have the hair I always wanted. -Beverly

3/4/13 - Gayle just fit me today with THE wig that should have been the first one I ever bought. I am sorry to say that before discovering Gayla Wig's expertise I had already spent way to much buying wigs that never were a perfect fit for color, style, and size. Gayle is not selling wigs she is offering self esteem and well being for very deserving ladies. I have already had many raving compliments from friends and family. What a caring group of ladies that have my best as their only goal. I can't imagine another visit for a new wig that would top this Raquel Welch beauty but eventually I will likely return to see what else they may offer. -Wendy

12/26/12 - My wife is undergoing chemo treatments, and started losing her hair. We went Gayla wigs. Gayle & Ruth made my wife feel extra special. This a very special place run by some very special people. Thank you. -Mr. Carmen

9/21/12 - The staff at Gayla's is wonderful. I am so glad that MD Anderson referred me to their shop. I had to bite the bullet and have all my hair removed. It was coming out everywhere and actually matting-up like a dog's hair. I was so distressed. I had been planning on coming in later to pick up a wig I ordered. I told them it was really coming out and they made an appointment for me sooner. I did cry but it was Ok because they were so kind. I love my wig. My friends say it looks just like my hair. (on a good day with no humidity) I am very pleased with the shop and their commitment to making you feel comfortable during a very awkward time in your life. -Sallie

1/20/12 - The staff is very caring and accommodating. tons of styles and colors. - ALYSE S

10/29/09 - Linda suffers from Tardive Dykensia which has required her to take prescriptions to slow down her involuntary movements.Problem is that it has slowed her done from head to toe. For over 18 months it took Linda approximately 3 - 4 hours to get herself dressed, made-up and her hair done. It was very frustrating and was becoming a healthcare issue for the two of us.One evening I asked if she ever thought that she would like a wig? She said that she thought of it but did not want to cut her hair all off. Convincing her that we needed to talk to a professional and could make our decision after that. Grabbing the phone book I located Gayla Wigs which was close to where we live. I made the call and set an appointment up. Wewe both excited and apprehensive but not for long. Gayle took us in her private consultation room, listened to our concerns, addressed them showing the utmost care and discussed the advantages for Linda. Linda wanted her wig to match her existing color and as close to her style as possible. Gayle hit on the head with her selection. She fitted the wig to fit Linda, gave her the chance to express how she wanted it trimmed and it was all done. Linda walked out of Gayla's a new person with a new attitude and an ever present smile I had not seen too often. After three weeks we needed to have it trimmed; called Gayle and saw her two days later. She fixed the problem without a charge. I had seen and Linda had tried on a second wig at our initial appointment (to show her the possibilities-down the road. Well while Gayle was fixing the original, I asked her if she had the reddish wig in stock. A quick stitch or two, a little custom trimming; by her able assistant and I now have a beautiful (not too red) headed wife. I love it, She loves it. If you find yourself in any sort of situation similar to ours, I urge you to call Gayla - it has been the best thing that could have happened for Linda & Me in many a year. Thanks Gayle & Staff -Linda & Joe Beridon,The Woodlands, Texas -EEJJBB3

10/14/09 - I cannot thank you enough for the new confidence you have given my wife. I had been after her for some time to get a nice wig fitted. When we found you, you were a blessing. God bless you and thank you for helping so many people. - Robert